Hilsh Ltd. was founded in 2012 in Israel by a team of cyber and intelligence experts, with rich and versatile experience across all areas of the cyber domain. Our team has a proven track record of 30+ years of experience across the globe, including academic, government, and business sectors.


Our company’s philosophy is that the current Cyber-Security and business information challenges, which all organizations are facing, require an interdisciplinary approach addressing the entire cyber intelligence and business spectrum: technology artifacts as well as human resources, including management, employees, customers and partners. Our solutions are tailor-made for each client, taking into account factors such as business sector requirements, social behavior, current security culture, organizational and commercial processes, policies and enabling technologies.

Why HilsH?

Our mission is to create the right balance between the customer and its market needs, business policies, threats, and the latest technologies. To accomplish our mission, we deliver scalable,cost-effective solutions that are tailored for each customer’s operational and budget needs, across all levels of the business.

Our key strengths


Our unique blend of professional experience allows Hish to provide clients relevant, precise and fast results with minimal effort.

Ability-to- Deliver

Expertise in management and delivery of large scale projects, using long term relationships with leading minds in the security and intelligence community.

Proven Success Record

We have a proven ability to identify and deploy the right technology and services to meet a customer’s cyber intelligence and security needs.

Cost Effective Services

Located in the heart of the cyber security innovation community, Hilsh can identify and deploy the right technology, on or off the shelf, at the right price.

Our Services

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